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One of the toughest markets is the property market. Demand is soft, agents are quitting but top producers are still raking commissions amounting to hundreds of thousands. We were approached by some driven individuals who wish to be at the top.


The Challenge – Hands-free & Targeted


We were approached by a group agents who believe that digital marketing can get them more sales. Given their constraints, they needed a digital marketing agency to reach out to prospective buyers without handling additional workload themselves. Additionally, they needed more quality leads specific for projects they are confident in closing.


Our Approach – Easy & Immediate


We tailored marketing campaigns after understanding their requirement as well as the projected interest for specific project. In the end, we created specific landing pages, multiple-platform digital campaigns for qualified projects and implemented immediate lead notification to agent’s email.


Results  –  ROI of 230%


In one month, we generated:

57,000 targeted views

102 leads

More than 20 appointments made and still counting.

3 cheques submitted and still counting

1 balloted sales and still counting

We are engaged for future lead generation campaigns. Most importantly, we are pleased to see how our ROI focused digital marketing campaign have helped his businesses grow.

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