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Every business owner ought to cut cost whenever they could, but are all costs the same? Should the marketing be done in-house? One client learnt it the hard way, engaged us and never looked back. 


The Challenge – More Sales & Credibility


Our client needed more sales and credibility for his business when he first approached us. He have an established home renovation business set up for around 2 years. He believed that digital marketing is a more cost effective method to achieve these goals than traditional marketing channels. He presumed that getting customers would be simple just by setting up a Facebook page and posting regular updates of recent works. True enough, there were some prospective clients who messaged him about their service on Facebook. Also, a referral from past customers was done easier by sharing customer review on the page. However, the number of are few and far in between. The demand barely kept the business going while the overhead costs were mounting. Furthermore, the number of page likes remained at 50+ were mostly his own network of friends, he couldn’t penetrate into other networks of prospects. Time wasn’t on his side. He knew he needed to do something, fast. [/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Problem – Paid Workshop Not Working


Our client stumbled upon an ad regarding digital marketing on Facebook. What could go wrong? It was a free seminar, stated clearly on the ad itself. He went to the seminar hoping to learn how to get customers for his business at a profitable level in scale and speed. During the course, the trainer gave tips and strategy on digital marketing. Unfortunately, it was more of an introductory seminar for enrolments into his training course. The trainer asked the participants to join his next class that cost thousands of dollars, promising to equip them with the right skills. Our client thought he could apply the skills of the course. After all, it was a master guru’s course.

However, doing digital marketing was much harder than he expected. While the course did give him some insights and information, he continued to face a steep learning curve and a lack of overall strategy. In the end, while digital marketing is the cheapest alternative for his business, it is not generating sales at a profitable level.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Our Approach – Defined Target Audience & Matching Services


After scoping with our client, we identified two objectives of his marketing campaign – lead generation and brand awareness. We recommended this approach for a balance between paid leads for immediate sales and organic leads for future sales.

We zoomed into his business’s fast moving service with high margin to build the customer base while making money at the same time. Some target audience were newly weds, an audience who visited a renovation page before, among others.


Results  –  Business Expansion

In 40 days, the campaign generated:

$25 per Lead

500 more Page Followers

40,000 targeted views

Our client has increased marketing budget by 6 times and are searching for new factory space and more employees. Their success is testament to our skill.


P.S: A digital marketing course cost 2-3k, taught over a few days. That is equal to our 6-months package. Let us show you the results so you can stop worrying about getting customers, and start worrying how to fulfill the job request.[/vc_column_text][heading title=”Want to Get More Sales Now?” sub_title=”Get a Free Quotation!”]

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